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Brazed plate heat exchanger

  • Brazed plate heat exchanger consists of a number of thin acid-resistant precision stamped stainless steel plates with copper brazed gaskets, the brazed plate heat exchanger, assembled with two end plates and connections. Brazed heat exchangers are bonded in a vacuum furnace and helium pressure tested to insure leak-free performance.
Advantages of Brazed PHE:
. Compact structure and easy installation
Made of thin plates;
High heat exchange coefficient;
Small liquid retardation
. Light in weight
20%-30% of tube & shell heat exchanger.
. Small consumption of water
Only need 1/3 of tube & shell heat exchanger
. Durability:
Withstand high temperature 400℃ and high pressure 45 bar
Low scaling coefficient:
High turbulence reduces scaling coefficient
Brazed PHE Material
Channel plates: SS304,316L
Cover plates: SS304
Connections: SS304
Other materials suitable for special working conditions are available as required.
Typical uses as Condenser, Evaporator, Air Dryer, Hydraulic Oil Cooler